Refrigerator Repair Arlington Virginia

One of the worst ways to wake up in the morning is going to the refrigerator to make breakfast and you realize everything inside is warm. You see your ice maker dripping, too. Your heart sinks and all you can think about is losing all of your food and then the expense of the repair shocks you even further.


Repairing refrigerator
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Addressing no-cool situations in refrigerators are a specialty at Aurora Hills Appliance Repair, and it’s a priority service call that gets placed at the top of our list. We understand the dread you felt when you realized what was happening, and we want you to call us immediately in these situations.

Your freezer may have a clogged drain, causing an ice buildup on the evaporator, preventing cold air from reaching the refrigerator. It’s a relatively minor problem with big consequences.

If your freezer seems OK, a stuck or defective damper could cause the problem, but we can stop by and determine the exact cause to get your refrigerator working again, and restore your peace of mind. Our best suggestion is to call us right away before any problem gets worse.

We want you to know that if it’s a refrigerator repair, or other major appliance repair, we’re always ready to help regardless of the situation. Our customer service at Aurora Hills Appliance Repair is the best you will find anywhere, and we work diligently to maintain our standard of excellence in everything we do.